Refrigerators are some of the most important appliances in our homes and at our workplaces. In the family kitchen, fridges keep all our food safe and healthy, saving us money and the risk of nasty sicknesses.

For many commercial locations, refrigeration is the lifeblood of their success. When a fridge breaks down you risk losing spoilt stock and unsatisfied customers who you can’t provide for. Our professional installation, servicing, maintenance and repairs can keep your fridge on track, while our 24 hour service and equipment hire will minimise any downtime you do experience.

To keep your fridge functioning at its best though, consider these maintenance tips that you can do for yourself.

5 Maintenance Tips for Your Fridge

  • Check Door Seals
    Fridges that don’t seal properly will waste energy and even potentially compromise your food. Make sure you check seals regularly and keep them free of food residue. If you have a sealing problem, contact our team today.
  • Set the Temperature
    Generally speaking your fridge should sit between 2 and 5 degrees Celsius while a freezer should sit around -18.
  • Cover Your Food
    Cling wraps, lids and other food coverings will protect the inside of your fridge and freezer from foul odours.
  • Keep it Level
    Fridges that don’t sit level will have trouble closing and this causes performance issues that can spoil your food.
  • Keep it Full
    An easy way to help fridges maintain their low temperatures is by filling them – particularly with cool food and drinks.

If you’ve noticed issues with your fridge or freezer – at home or at work – contact our team for professional maintenance.