Choosing a heat pump can be a daunting decision with so many makes and models to choose from. Take the stress out of the decision making and let our experienced team advise you on the best options to fit your requirements and budget.

At Alpine, we offer a fast, friendly service aimed at minimising any disruption to your home or business. We use well-known reputable brands to give you the peace of mind of a comprehensive manufacturers’ warranty and backup support from day one. We stand behind our workmanship so you can be sure of a quality job from start to finish.

When choosing the right heat pump, our team will look at a number of factors before advising you on the best size, type and brand. This will ensure you get the most suitable unit at the best possible price to fit your requirements and budget.

Correctly sizing the capacity requirements is crucial to make sure the unit performs during the coldest of winters and hottest summers. A heat pump which is too small or too large will not give the best performance and efficiency. Getting this right will save money on energy costs and give an overall more comfortable living or working environment.

Domestic Sizing Guide

Room Size (m2) Ave NZ Room Type Recommended Capacity (kW)
Std stud height High stud height
10 Single Room 2.5 2.5
20 Double Room 2.5 2.9
30 Average Lounge 4.0 4.5
40 Large Lounge 5.3 5.9
50 Open Plan Area 6.6 7.4
60 Large Open Plan Area 7.9 8.9

High Wall


There are a range of heat pump styles available. One of the most popular is the ‘high wall’ type -mounted up high and away from valuable floor space.

Floor Console


Sitting unobtrusively at floor level the ‘floor console’ provides a great replacement option for panel heaters, night-store or fireplaces.

Ceiling Cassette


Open spaces often lend themselves to the ‘ceiling cassette’ with the ability to provide four way airflow freeing up floor and wall space.